Oxygen Infusion

We offer several anti-aging to pamper and care for your skin. Oxygen Infusion being our most priced and valuable offering . This cutting-edge treatment can be used alone or with other services and is suitable for all skin types.

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Skin cells need oxygen to reproduce and regenerate. Factors like aging, pollution, sun exposure, dietary changes, and stress can all affect the health of your skin, making it harder for oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin. As a result, both skin cell metabolism and circulation in the capillaries can slow down. This, in turn, causes skin to become dehydrated and begin to discolor. Fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear.

The Oxy Oasis oxygen facial treatment by is an aesthetic oxygen concentrator. It provides a continuous flow of oxygen-enriched air by separating the oxygen and nitrogen contained in ambient air. Technical details aside, adding oxygen-enriched air to your facials will soothe and refresh your skin. The oxygen is delivered through the Micro Mist Spray Brush, a painless and non-invasive delight that bathes your face with a refreshing, oxygen-enriched mist.

Increase the oxygen facial benefits by adding a targeted serum to your facial.

Oxygen Facials Boost Results

Oxygen facials can be enjoyed all by themselves, but also boost the results when used in conjunction with other treatments.


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